Ensure Optimum Level of Calcium in Pregnant Pet

Ensure Optimum Level of Calcium in Pregnant Pet
Calcium plays a major role in the contraction of muscles and building a proper skeleton system, which makes it a necessary nutrient to include in your pregnant dog’s diet.

The need for calcium increases as your pet advances in pregnancy. Calcium is necessary to ensure that the female dog has easy contraction and does not face any mishaps. Also, the nutrient is essential in boosting bone growth in the fetus. If the fetus does not get enough calcium, then the chances of developing weak or deformed bones may increase. Even after your pet gives birth, it needs ample calcium to produce milk to feed it to the puppies.

Thus, we can understand the requirement for calcium during and after pregnancy in the female dog. If your pet lacks calcium in the blood, there would be some visible signs that can help you detect it.

Let us see some visible signs that point out that your pregnant pet is suffering from calcium deficiency:

Signs of Calcium Deficiency in Pregnant Dogs

In most common cases, the low calcium level in the pregnant pet occurs during the last stages of pregnancy and the first four weeks of nursing. The case of low calcium levels in pregnant female dogs is known as eclampsia. The condition of eclampsia, if not treated early, can cause a life threat to your pet. The danger that the disease can cause makes it essential for pet parents to know its early symptoms and take necessary measures accordingly. Let us see some early signs of eclampsia:

  • Restlessness
  • Panting
  • Stiffness
  • Difficulty in walking
  • Confusion

The above signs can turn into a high fever and coma if a proper diagnosis is not made. You should take your pet to the vet immediately if you see any of the symptoms. The vet will provide the required treatment and give prescriptions. After the female dog progresses in health, you can ensure your pet’s fulfilment of nutrition with a proper diet and Dog Calcium Supplements. The supplements help your pet in many ways. If you want to know why you should give your pregnant or nursing dog calcium supplements, then keep reading further.

How Are Calcium Supplements Helpful in Treating Nutritional Deficiency in Pregnant Dogs?

  • The supplements help maintain an optimum level of calcium in pregnant dogs, thus helping prevent conditions like eclampsia.
  • The calcium supplement helps the nursing dogs to produce enough milk for the puppies.
  • In some cases, the puppies may not be able to get enough calcium from their mother’s milk. You can, however, provide the supplement to puppies in the recommended dose.

Apart from dog calcium supplements, you can also ensure that your pregnant dog is well-fed with a nutritious diet by adding food items rich in calcium. Let us see some food items that are a great source of calcium for your pet.

Food Items Rich in Calcium for Pregnant Dogs

Here is the following list of items that you should include in your pregnant dog’s diet:

  • Vegetables: Broccoli, spinach, kale and beans not only add colour to your pet’s meals but are also a powerful source of calcium.
  • Yoghurt: It is a yummy source of calcium for your pet. If you are not able to find yoghurt for your pregnant dog, then you can also opt for curd.
  • Seafood: Fish, especially sardines, is good for your pet. However, make sure that the fish is properly washed and cooked before serving it to your pregnant dog.
  • Chicken: The meat is a good source of calcium for your pregnant pet. Also, it provides protein, which is essential during your dog’s pregnancy. Ensure that you check that the meat is not highly processed, as it may do more harm than good.
  • Eggs: You can provide boiled or scrambled eggs to your female dog to fulfil calcium deficiency, but avoid seasoning the egg with butter and salt.

You should make modifications to your pet’s diet or include supplements only under the guidance of a vet. You should also monitor the level of other nutrients and vitamins in your pet to ensure that the pregnancy is free from any complications. Multivitamins, under the approval of a vet, can be provided to your pregnant dog.

Conclusion: It is crucial to maintain a balance of nutrients and vitamins in your pregnant dog’s diet for the well-being of both your pet and puppies. If you are looking to boost your pet’s diet with the Best Multivitamin for Dogs, contact RemedioVet.

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