Now Move Your Pets To Australia Easily With RemedioVet

Now Move Your Pets To Australia Easily With RemedioVet

Are you ready to move to Australia? Want to take your pets along, too?

Well, now that is possible!

Moving with your favorite pets to the country of kangaroos can be difficult but not impossible! RemedioVet, your one-stop shop for a stress-free pet transfer to Australia, can help.

We understand how stressful (or tweet-worthy) transferring your pet may be. The paperwork, permits, luggage, and emotions can make your head spin.

But worry not! You can concentrate on packing those extra belly rubs (or feathery treats or fishy munchies) because we take care of all the paw-some details.

We also ensure that your pet’s journey is as enjoyable and comfortable as yours by treating them like family. So pack your bag, pick your pet’s favorite toy, and leave the rest to us.

Dive into this blog post to find all the advice you require to make moving your pet seem like a piece of cake (or a slither through the sand or soar through the sky). From microchips to meow-ments of fun, we have you covered!

How do We Handle the Ins and Outs of the Pet Transport Process to Australia?

We are sure that reading this detailed guide can make your pet transfer journey to Australia quite adventurous. Here, you will get the complete information you need to successfully transport your pet to Australia, making the journey easy and stress-free for everyone.

Step 1. Complete Knowledge and Expertise with Australian Laws:

We are very well aware of the laws related to the eligibility and types of pets that can be transported to Australia. You cannot just take any. For instance, certain breeds, like the American Pitbull Terrier, have import restrictions, while others, like the Dogo Argentino, are outright prohibited. So before you start packing, you must first know the eligibility of your pets to be transported. Our team ensures complete compliance with all applicable laws, thoroughly understanding all Australian pet import procedures, including microchipping and vaccines.

Step 2: Gathering Complete Information:

Once you have complete knowledge of your pet’s availability, the next step is to check the specific requirements for bringing it from its country of origin. This includes understanding the rules and regulations related to different types of pets. Since other countries have additional requirements, you cannot just predict that Australia will have the same rules as the USA. Therefore, you must make sure your pet is up-to-date with vaccinations. Some countries may also require specific blood tests based on your pet’s origin and breed. Microchipping is necessary for identifying your pet and making it easier to reunite in case of separation, and it is typically a requirement for travel in most countries.

Step 3: Monitoring the Treatment of Parasites:

Monitoring parasite treatments is an integral aspect of the comprehensive care of pets. Our dedicated team meticulously monitors and manages the necessary treatments for internal and external parasites. Doing so ensures that your beloved pets are fully prepared and protected during their journey to Australia.

Step 4: Easy Quarantine Planning:

We excel at assisting pet owners with the intricate details of quarantine planning. Our dedicated team will walk you through every step of the process, providing comprehensive information regarding the quarantine facility’s whereabouts, estimated duration, and any expenses that may arise. Our primary objective is to ensure your pet’s quarantine experience is devoid of any hassles or complications, guaranteeing a seamless and stress-free journey for you and your beloved companion.

Step 5: Airline Selection and Crate Preparation:

Selecting an airline and preparing a suitable travel crate for your pet is paramount. Our team is dedicated to helping you choose a reputable airline with a proven track record in safely transporting pets. Additionally, we guide you on adequately preparing a crate that meets the International Air Transport Association (IATA) standards.

Step 6: Choosing the Best Pet Transport Service:

By selecting us, you are getting the help of a highly skilled and committed team specializing in pet transport services. Our team takes charge of all the necessary documentation, communicates with the relevant authorities, and offers extensive guidance throughout the process, ensuring you and your beloved pets experience a stress-free and seamless journey.

Step 7: Arrival Support and Transport Care:

Our dedication extends beyond the point of arrival. We assist you in setting up a suitable post-transport environment and enable timely pet collection. We also advise a post-transport health examination with a nearby veterinarian to guarantee a seamless transition.

Thus, we take a few steps to ensure you and your pet are safely moved abroad – to Australia.

When looking for international pet relocation, you can trust our company, Remediovet where we commit to providing you with a safe and smooth relocation. Because of our extensive industry experience, we have assembled a dependable partner network that offers secure and reliable transportation options for your pet’s travel.

So get in touch with our friendly team now!

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