Stress-Free Pet Relocation to the UK: Let Us Handle the Hassle!

Relocate with Your Pet in the UK Hassle-Free with Relocation Services
Are you planning to move to the UK soon? Do you have a pet whom you want to take with you?
Then, to travel with your pet from India to the United Kingdom, you need pet relocation services. But why take professional services when you can do everything yourself?
Sure, you can make all the preparations to move out with your pet, but there is a lot of effort and time required. Sparing time for your companion’s relocation is not easy while you also manage your preparations. So, to reduce your burden, you can rely on Pet Flights’ expert assistance.
Let us see how our pet relocation company can simplify the whole moving out with the pet process.

How Do Relocation Services Help You Move Out with Your Pet?

  1. Document Preparations: There are certain documents you need to present to the concerned authorities for relocating with your little companion. The absence of any paperwork can cause travel delays. But don’t worry, as we are here to fulfil all the formalities for boarding and relocating with pets. Here is a list of documents that we make sure to prepare for you:
    • Pet passports
    • Health certificates
    • Vaccination certificates
    • Declaration which shows that you are not going to sell or transfer ownership of the pet
  2. Microchipping Your Pet: Microchipping is a procedure where a professional implants a chip of grain size onto your pet’s skin. The chip enables one to procure the necessary details of the owner. Microchipping is a must when you are planning to travel with your pet in a foreign country. Our company ensures that your pet is microchipped on time before the vaccination process.
  3. Vaccinating and Treatments: The UK authorities demand that your pet should be in good health before boarding the plane. There is a requirement to give your little companion vaccination for rabies. Also, if your pet is a dog, then there is a need to show that they are free from any tapeworm infestation. We will get you in touch with veterinarians who can help provide effective treatment for your pet.
  4. Booking Tickets From an Ideal Airline: Your search for an airline becomes easy when you go for our pet relocation services. We select the airlines that can document your pet. Also, the experts inquire if the airline is okay in case you intend to travel with more than one pet. By choosing relocation services for pets, you get one more benefit: we take care of fulfilling document requirements for pets asked by the airlines.
  5. Settling Pet in the Plane: While travelling with your pet in the UK, the airlines prefer to accommodate your pet in the cargo. Placing your little companion in a cargo hold might not seem like a good idea. However, our experienced pet handlers give your pet the required training before they are put in the crate. Also, we take all the necessary steps to keep your companion safe during the flight.
  6. Assistance at Arrival: Our pet relocation company not only helps the pet to have a comfortable journey, but even upon arrival, the experts are there. We commit to taking care of your companion while starting the journey to the end. With us, you don’t need to worry about the delivery of your pet to the desired location.
By choosing our services, you are not just maximizing your little one’s comfort and safety. You also benefit from pet relocation services. Here’s how:

How Do Owners Benefit from Pet Relocation Services?

  • Time for Your Preparations: With our excellent services, you don’t need to spare time from your tight schedule to book appointments with the vet or search for the right airline. We seamlessly carry out all the activities for relocating your pet so that you can focus on making arrangements for yourself.
  • No Delays: We ensure that there are no complications or delays when you are travelling with your pets. The professionals thoroughly check that you are fulfilling all the relocation requirements with your little companion.
  • Zero Requirements for Putting Effort: It can be quite frustrating to first go through the laws of the UK government regarding pet relocation. Afterwards, abiding by those laws, the more daunting thing is to prepare the necessary documents. However, with us, you don’t need to put any effort when it comes to relocating pets.
  • Peace of Mind: Despite all the efforts, the major concern for any pet parent is if they are doing everything right. There is always a concern that whatever steps you take will keep your little one safe. All your doubts, however, will go away by leaving the work to us. Our team has professionals with the expertise to deal with pets and their behaviour.

Conclusion: Pet relocation services are a reliable solution for those who want to travel with their pet without any worry. By choosing Pet Flights, you are putting your pet’s responsibility in good hands. So contact us to plan a pleasant trip for your pet.

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