Travelling With Your Pet To The EU: Here’s What You Need To Know

Travelling With Your Pet To The EU Here's What You Need To Know
Flying with your pet to Europe is a dream come true. If you have also planned to travel with your little companion to explore the other side of the world, then that’s amazing. However, while travelling with pets internationally, you need to take care of their safety. On top of that, you also need to comply with rules and regulations laid by the EU authorities for pet travelling.
Worrying about how you will manage adhering to all the guidelines? Then don’t stress, as this blog will provide all the requirements you must fulfil while travelling with your furry friend.
So, let’s start.

Guidelines For Traveling With Pets To Europe

I. Pet Microchipping

The first step involves microchipping even before getting your pet vaccinated. In this procedure, a small chip is inserted under your pet’s blades, which, upon scanning, reveals information about the owner. Pet microchipping is essential because in case your pet separates from you, then at least someone can reach out to you with the help of the chip. While getting your pet microchipped, make sure to use only an ISO 15-digit chip. The vet should do the microchipping before the procedure of vaccination.

II. Vaccinations and Rabies Titre Test

Here are some crucial things to know while getting a vaccination and Rabies Test for your pet:
  1. Vaccination is only for pets who are at least 12 weeks old.
  2. You can get your pet vaccinated only after they are microchipped.
  3. Make sure to provide the extra doses promptly in case the vaccination previously expired.
  4. After the vaccination, you must get your pet tested for rabies. You can get this test done for your pet after 30 days of vaccination.
  5. If your pet’s test results are acceptable, they can enter the EU at least 3 months after the blood test was taken. There is no need for quarantine in the EU if the waiting period is completed in India.
  6. Ensure that you get your pet vaccinated and tested only by approved professionals; otherwise, these certifications will not be acceptable.

III. Valid documents

You will need an animal health certificate if you are travelling from a non-EU country to an EU country.
The health certificate should contain all the following details:
  1. Identity proof of pet
  2. Vaccination certificates
  3. Other information related to your pet’s health
The health certificate issued by the state should not be older than 10 days. Also, you need to show that this certificate is not made for commercial relocation.

IV: Parasite Treatment (for dogs)

Pet dogs must get treated for echinococcus tapeworm between 24 hours to 120 hours before travel if you intend to travel with them in countries like Finland, Ireland, Malta, Norway or Northern Island. You must mention this specific treatment in the animal health certificate.

V. Additional Travel Policies

  1. If you are travelling with more than 5 pets, then you need to prove to the authorities that all of them are over 6 months of age. Alongside you also need to show that the pets are travelling for exhibition/contest/event.
  2. If you are unable to travel with your little one, then someone else must accompany them. But in this situation, you need to give a written declaration about this situation. After your pet arrives at the destination, you must reunite with them within 5 days.
  3. A European passport is only for ferrets, cats and dogs. So if you are travelling with any other animal apart from these, then you need to check the pet travel rules of the country you are travelling to.

Conclusion: By adhering to these guidelines of the EU authorities you can travel with your four-legged companion without any complications. However, if you find making all these arrangements difficult on your own, then Pet Flights can help you. We cover all the duties of fulfilling the obligations of authorities while ensuring the safety of your pet. So contact us now for more information.

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