What All Dog Parents Need To Know About Dog Clothes

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In India, it is not common to see dogs in clothes in winter because most people believe dogs don’t need them.

What do you think? Do you agree with the same? Still trying to figure it out.

Well, we are here to break one of the biggest myths that have encapsulated our society about dog clothes:


Dogs indeed need clothing in winter because they feel the cold as well.

Why are we so vocal about this? Keep reading to find out.

5 Reasons Your Dog Should Wear Clothes in Winter

Many times in Winter, we notice the violent shiver that courses through the bodies of our canine friends, whether it’s a stray dog or our pet, but either we don’t bother about it much or know what to do about it. If you belong to the second category of dog owners, there is good news: Put clothes on your pet as soon as possible.

Let’s understand this better and explore why you should buy your dog’s clothes.

Cold Weather Also Affects Dogs: People usually think dogs have thick coats, so they don’t feel calm. Well, that is not the entire truth.

Yes, because not all dogs have thick coats; there are a few breeds, such as Lebra, Beagle, chihuahua pugs, rottweilers, boxers, dachshunds, indie breeds, and more, that feel cool when the mercury falls. Moreover, dogs with short hair are also affected by temperature falls.

Our favourite winter memory is the warmth we feel when we cuddle with our pets. But did you know that while our pets’ fur makes us feel like we’re hugging our favourite teddy bear, it is not enough to protect them from the dropping temperatures we experience in many parts of India? So, make your dog feel warm and comfy as you do in winter; buy Dog Winter Sweatshirt.

Help them Feel Safe and Relaxed: How do you feel when you feel freezing? Uncomfortable and anxious, well, dogs do feel the same. The only difference is that they can’t speak and tell us they feel cold.

We often hear from pet parents that their pets get less active in winter because they don’t feel comfortable on those cold, windy days. So, when your pet exhibits anxious behaviour, try putting on their jacket or coat; much like swaddling a baby, the gentle, constant pressure that they feel around their torso can help them feel calmer and relaxed.

Protect Fur & Skin: Just like extreme cold temperatures can affect us, harsh winter conditions can also impact our pets. You might see your dog’s fur looking dull, and their skin could use extra care during the winter. Clothing also prevents burrs, dirt, allergens, and other natural debris from getting into your dog’s fur. This will make bathing and grooming much easier and help keep your house clean.

Protect From Ecxess Shedding: Winter isn’t just the season for holiday cheer; it’s also a time when some dogs shed more than usual. This can be due to the dry air and temperature changes. Clothing your dog can help trap some of that loose fur, keeping your home a bit tidier.

Keep Your Dog Clean: Winter walks often mean encountering mud, slush, and who knows what else. It’s not just about keeping your pup warm; those clothes can also help minimize the mess they bring home. So, dress them up and make post-walk cleanups a breeze!

Tips to Choose the Right Cloth for Your Dog

Measure Your Pet: Before you visit a nearby pet store to buy a Dog Winter Jacket and sweatshirt, don’t forget to measure your pet; only then will you be able to bring the cloth that will fit perfectly.

Choose Soft and Comfortable to Wear Material: Choosing a suitable material is very important because plenty of options are available on the market, but that doesn’t mean they all are high quality. Check the comfortable material; run on your hand to feel it and see if it is itchy or soft.

Ease of Wear: Make life simple with winter clothes that are easy to put on and take off. Look for jackets or sweaters with velcro attachments and zippers – hassle-free and convenient!

Maximum Coverage for Warmth: Keep your pet warm from head to tail! Choose clothes that cover their entire back and reach the base of their seat. Remember neck and head covering for that extra warmth and comfort.

Last Word: Winter coats and jackets aren’t just for us; they’re for our furry friends, too! These pet clothes aren’t just stylish; they’re a way to keep your pet warm, loved, safe, and comfy. If you’re in a chilly part of India or winter has just kicked in, it’s time to grab your pet a cosy coat. Explore Remediovet for a fantastic collection designed to keep your pets happy in any weather!

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