Why Do You Need To Microchip Your Dog?

Why Do You Need To Microchip Your Dog
Are you planning to move to another country with your pet?
Then, ensuring your little one’s safety is the priority of any pet parent. There are many dangers involved in travelling with pets, and the major one is separating from them. If your dog separates from you, then it might be a very challenging task to retrace them. However, by microchipping your pet, you can find them easily in case you lose them during the trip.
Now, you may wonder what microchipping is.
Well, it is a simple procedure that can ensure that someone can easily get information about the pet’s owner in case of any mishaps. So, by microchipping, your pet can be stress-free and enjoy the journey with you.
If you want to know more about pet microchips, then you are in the right place. Here, we will discuss how the microchip works and its benefits in detail.
So, let’s start.

What Is Microchip For Dogs?

A microchip is an electronic device that has a size similar to that of a rice grain particle. The chip carries details necessary to identify the owner of a pet. The chip uses an electromagnetic pulse to identify and capture data. One thing to know is that the device does not allow real-time tracking as it does not have GPS. It only contains a unique identification code, which one can scan with the help of a microchip scanner.
This device is a better alternative to the collar tags that one usually puts on the neck of a pet. Here’s why:
  • The microchip is permanently inserted into your pet’s skin. So, it won’t get lost like a dog collar.
  • The information on the collar or tags can fade over time, making it unreadable. However, this won’t happen when using an electronic chip.
We can see that the Dog Micro Chip is the most reliable way to put your details on your pet among all options. It is a must when travelling as not only does it help in reuniting lost pets with their owners, but it also offers many other benefits.
The following points show the advantages of microchipping your pet:

What Are The Benefits Of Microchipping Your Dog?

  1. Compliance with Legal Requirements: Some countries allow you to travel with pets only if they are microchipped. So, if you plan to travel internationally, you must insert a microchip under your dog’s shoulder blades to meet the country’s legal formalities.
  2. It Comes in Handy to Prove Your Ownership: Pet thefts are more common than you think. So, it is crucial to be on the safer side by microchipping your pet. You can prove that you are the rightful owner if someone tries to steal your pet or misidentifies your pet with theirs.
  3. Long-term Solution: When preparing to move, it’s easy to overlook putting a collar with your pet’s name on it, or the name tag may come off, and your pet could not be identified. In such a situation, microchipping provides a permanent solution, eliminating this ongoing worry. The great thing about microchips is that you can easily update your contact information through the database provider, unlike a collar tag.
If you are ready to avail the advantages of microchipping your pet, then you can easily do it by following these steps:

Microchip Your Dog With 3 Easy Steps

  1. Choose the Right Microchip: While searching for a microchip, ensure that the manufacturer you consider choosing provides a chip that is acceptable worldwide.
  2. Schedule an Appointment with the Vet: You can contact your vet nearby to insert a microchip in your dog or contact our experts at Pet Flights. The specialist will swiftly implant a microchip into your pet’s loose skin located between their shoulder blades using an injection.
  3. Register with the Manufacturer: After the vet successfully embeds the chip in your pet, the next thing is to provide your details to the manufacturer. The vet may help you in this process by providing a link to the manufacturer’s website. On the site, you can fill in the necessary information like name, contact information, and address. At the end, the vet will check whether one can procure the identification number from the chip by scanning it properly.

Conclusion: Microchipping is the most convenient way to make sure that your furry friend reunites with you in case of any mishap. However, if you do not have enough time to take your pet for microchipping, Pet Flights can help you. Our experts know how to insert a microchip under your dog’s skin safely. So contact us today to avail more information.

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